Research Groups

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Research group Institution Country
Information & Human Centred Computing group Australian National University Australia
ERP Facility Macquarie University Australia
Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Mathematics University of Canberra Australia
Graz BCI Lab Graz University of Technology Austria
Advanced Intelligent Multidisciplinary Systems Lab United International University Bangladesh
Computational Neuroscience group KU Leuven Belgium
Intelligent Automation Laboratory Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES) Brazil
The D’Or Institute for Research and Education   Brazil
Multimodal Signal Analysis and Enhancement Lab University of Quebec Canada
PRISM Lab Bloorview Research Institute Canada
The Brain Interface Project University of British Columbia Canada
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering University of Toronto Canada
Intelligent Human Machine Systems Lab Beijing Institute of Technology China
IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research Peking University China
Human Machine Interaction group Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research Tsinghua University China
Department of Biomedical Engineering Tsinghua University China
Center for Sensory Motor Interaction Aalborg University Denmark
Department of Engineering Aahus University Denmark
Brain Computer Interface Group Aalto University Finland
LCE Cognitive and Social Systems Helsinki University Finland
Equipe Neurodynamique Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique France
Vision and Brain Signal Processing Lab CRNS and Grenoble University France
Team Potioc Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest France
Hybrid Inria Rennes France
ATHENA Research team Inria France
Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Group Technical University of Berlin Germany
Brain-Machine Interface Research University of Freiburg Germany
Brain State Decoding Lab University of Freiburg Germany
Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology University of Tübingen Germany
Institute of Automation Universität Bremen Germany
Neuropsychology Lab University of Oldenburg Germany
Department Neurorehabilitaion Engineering University Medical Center Göttingen Germany
Applied Neurotechnology Lab University Hospital of Tübingen Germany
Machine Learning in Neural Engineering Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Tübingen Germany
Würzburg BCI Research Group University of Würzburg Germany
Biomedical Engineering research group University of Ireland Maynooth Ireland
Center for Basic Initiatives of Mathematical Modeling and Computation PES University India
Information Science & Engineering M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology India
Brain Machine Interface Lab Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia Italy
Laboratory of Neuroelectrical Imaging and Brain Computer Interface  IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation Italy
HRI area - Perceptual Robotic Laboratory Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Italy
Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing Riken Brain Science Institute Japan
Kamitani's lab University of Kyoto Japan
Information Science and Intelligent Systems University of Tokushima Japan
BCI Lab Group University of Tsukuba Japan
Touyama's BCI laboratory Toyama Prefecture University Japan
Department of Electrical Engineering University of Malaya Malaysia
Donders Institute Radboud University Netherlands
Utrecht BCI Group Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht Netherlands
Twente BCI Research Group University of Twente Netherlands
Institute of Psychology University of Leiden Netherlands
Knowledge Engineering & Discovery Research Institute Auckland University of Technology New Zealand
Interaction, Design & Preservation Group Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Brain Computer Interface Group University of Engineering & Technology Pakistan
LIBPhys-UNL-FCT NOVA University of Lisbon Portugal
Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces Moscow State University Russia
Laboratory for Neuroergonomics and Brain-Computer Interfaces NCR Kurchatov Institute Russia
I2R Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory Institute for Infocomm ResearchBCI Singapore
Sinapse National University of Singapore Singapore
Biocomputing Lab Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
BCI Lab @ Unist Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Brain Signal Processing Laboratory Korea University South Korea
Brain-Computer Interface Group Korea University South Korea
Min Lab Korea University South Korea
Brain & Cognitive Sciences Seoul National University South Korea
BDigital eHealth R&D Barcelona Digital Centre Technològic Spain
BitBrain R&D BitBrain Technologies Spain
Brain-Machine Interface Systems Lab Miguel Hernandez University of Elche Spain
BCI Lab UGR University of Granada Spain
UMABCI Lab University of Málaga Spain
DIANA University of Málaga Spain
Biomedical Engineering Group University of Valladolid Spain
Brain-Computer Interfaces research team University of Zaragoza Spain
Multimedia Signal Processing Group École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface Group École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
The Institute of Neuroinformatics University of Zurich Switzerland
Electrical Neuroimaging Group Geneva University Switzerland
Affective Computing and Multimodal Interaction Group Geneva University Switzerland
Signal Processing and Information Systems Laboratory Sabancı University Istanbul Turkey
Brain-Computer Interfaces Group University of Essex UK
Brain Computer Interfacing Project University of Oxford UK
Brain Cognition Computing Lab University of Kent UK
Brain Embodiment Lab University of Reading UK
Signal Processing and Control Group University of Southampton UK
Brain-Computer Interface and Assistive Technology University of Ulster UK
BrainGate   USA
Brown Institute for Brain Science Brown University USA
Cleveland FES Center Cleveland FES Center USA
Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory Colorado State University USA
The Andersen Lab California Insitute of Technology USA
Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing Columbia University USA
Nicolelis Lab Duke University USA
SSPACISS Group Duke University USA
ETSU Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory East Tennessee State University USA
Brain UI Group Georgia Tech & Georgia State University USA
The BrainLab Kennesaw State University USA
Brain-Computer Interfaces Microsoft USA
The Brain-Computer Interface project Neil Squire Society USA
Pesaran Lab New York University USA
BCI Lab Purdue University USA
Human-Computer Interaction Lab Tufts University USA
De Sa BCI Lab University of California USA
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience University of California San Diego USA
Computational Neuroengineering Lab University of Florida USA
Human Experience Research Lab University of Florida USA
Direct Brain Interface Laboratory University of Michigan USA
Neural Sensing and Interfacing University of Minnesota USA
Center for Neuroscience University of Pittsburgh USA
Human Engineering Research Laboratories University of Pittsburgh USA
Motorlabotorlab University of Pittsburgh USA
Center for Neuro-Engineerig & Cognitive Science University of Houston USA
Schalk Lab Wadsworth Center USA
Wadsworth Brain-Computer Interface Lab Wadsworth Center USA
Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering   USA
Neural Systems Laboratory University of Washington USA
Aspen Lab Old Dominion University USA
NeuroEngineering & BioMedical Instrumentation Lab John Hopkins University USA
Neural Prosthetics Translational Laboratory Stanford University USA
Joe Francies Lab University of Houston USA