The CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 event is organised by the organising committee of the Institute of Neural Engineering, Graz University of Technology in cooperation with administrative departments of Graz University of Technology. The CYBATHLON BCI SERIES 2019 will take place at Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria, September 17, 2019.

1st BCI Science Slam at 7th Graz BCI Conference 2017

Sometimes it is challenging to understand the content of a scientific paper or to follow the reasoning of a scientific presentation. Ever had a similar experience?

Can you do better? Are you able to present your research project in a clear and comprehensible form? To the general public, not the BCI community?  In an entertaining manner? If so, then it seems you are a perfect candidate for the BCI Science Slam. If not, then you still should consider taking on this challenge and showcase your creativity and presentation skills!

The first BCI Science Slam is a satellite event that will be taking place at the end of the GBCIC2017. A Science Slam is a competition between researchers with the aim to explain to the general public their research project. No slides are allowed! You can, however, use props or audio material to support your storytelling. Participants have the benefit to promote their clear communication and entertainment skills! Both essential to scientists.

The winner of the BCI Science Slam gets the glory, and a cash price of 350,- Euro and a trophy sponsored by NIRX.

We accept applications until the end of July. Please register at

More about the Conference:

Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI

The next step will be to develop brain-computer interfaces that augment the visual cortex, the best-understood part of the brain. This would boost our spatial visualisation and manipulation capabilities. Imagine being able to imagine a complex blueprint with high reliability and detail, or to learn new blueprints quickly. There will also be augmentations that focus on other portions of sensory cortex, like tactile cortex and auditory cortex. (Gizmodo)

IBM Watson/ XPrize open $5 million AI competition for world-changing applications

IBM and the XPrize organization have opened registration and set guidelines to competing for a $5 million purse to those interested in building advanced AI-based applications that could address the world’s biggest issues – everything from clean water to better energy resources. According to IBM and XPrize, the four-year competition aims to “accelerate adoption of AI technologies, and spark creative, innovative and audacious demonstrations of the technology that are truly scalable and solve societal grand challenges (Networkworld).


And what are some of those big challenges?


6. Brain-Computer Interface ("Mind over Matter") - Enable high function, minimally invasive brain to computer interfaces that can turn thought into action.