BCI Society

The BCI Society was officially founded on March 13, 2015. It is legally based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, but operates internationally.

The BCI Society includes scientists, engineers, clinicians, and other interested individuals from around the world. The Society's primary goal is to foster research leading to technologies that enable people to interact with the world through brain signals. To achieve this goal, the BCI Society

  • organizes meetings;
  • collaborates with other organizations and individuals;
  • shares research and other information among its members;
  • and provides information, position statements, and other advice on important topics and issues to scientific, technical, and clinical organizations, governmental or regulatory agencies, the scientific, technical, and popular media, and the general public.

The BCI Society aims to attract people from multiple disciplines who work with different approaches (non-invasive, implants, induction of sensory feedback, functional electrical stimulation, stroke rehabilitation, and so on), and with different end users in mind (gaming, enhancing, occupational, health monitoring, etc.). The society board aims to encourage other (emerging) BCI organizations to collaborate and join forces in organizing meetings where possible. In line with the BNCI Horizon 2020 roadmap, the Society aims to include all fields relevant to the BCI concept, including research, users, and industry.